Welcome to my website! Keeping it simple and to the point. I'm a freelance artist in the Houston, TX area. You can view some of my work here on my site as well as get in contact with me easily. If you'd like to purchase art prints I will have a store up online in Aug 2014 to do so. I will be updating the site often with new artwork and it will always be a work in progress so to speak. I'm working on a overhaul of the website to make it easier to post and update...also building out my new office to work out of! Thanks for dropping by!



Hi I'm Jason!

So a little about me. I've been working professionally in the animation/design industry for 13+ years in Houston, TX. I graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1999 with a degree in Time Based Media Studies which is a fancy way of saying animation. Throw in some illustration, design, photography and even filmmaking and you get the idea of what I'm about. I've done most of my work with a great studio here in Houston called Stone Soup. Some of the many things I have experience in is the following:

  • Traditional hand drawn animation
  • Comics
  • Illustration
  • Children's Book Illustrations
  • Flash based animation for the web and television
  • Storyboarding
  • Character design
  • Web design and construction
  • Logo Design
  • And much much more!



Gotham Playground

Joker and Riddler Bathtime

Baby Spiderman

Baby Wolverine

Baby Vader

Baby Superman

Baby Harley Quinn

Baby Green Lantern

Battle of the Superpowers Issue #2 Pinup

Steampunk Frankie and the Bride

Steampunk Vampire

drugbunny Evil Dead

Zombie Pin-up 01

Zombie Pin-up 02

Zombie Pin-up 03

Zombie Pin-up 04

Commissioned watercolor painting

Sketch of me and my brother

Sketch of me

College gouache painting

College still life watercolor painting

Elliotingo's logo

Various logo designs

Various logo designs

Life drawing sketches

Life drawing sketches

Life drawing sketches

Life drawing sketches

Life drawing sketches

School shirt design

Commissioned watercolor painting

Frankie lab, old sketch














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Here is my demo reel, it's a little dated but still gives a good idea of the work I've done. Most of the animation including newer work is viewable at Stone Soup




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